Culture Excellence Assessment 2.0 - what's new?

We are excited to announce a new and improved version of the Culture Excellence assessment. The enhancements were made following an in-depth analysis of 2 years of qualitative data, relevant literature, and discussions with members of the program and Expert Panel. Like culture itself, our program will evolve over time and must be dedicated to continual improvement. Even after over 16 years of research, the development keeps going.

Released in September this year to Premium Program Members, and this month (November) to BRC Voluntary Module users, the new assessment has the following enhancements:

  1. New Dimensions

As well as reporting data on the 16 Dimensions from the original assessment, the new version also separately scores 4 new Dimensions, with a new total of 20. These can be seen in the diagram below, giving a wider overview of company culture and more data-points to enable a broader analysis. They also include new questions which highlight specific strengths and weaknesses in these areas.

  1. Role-based questions

With separate question pathways dependent on a person’s role within a company, the assessment now has additional questions for supervisors and managers that give more insight into their experiences. It keeps the assessment fast and relevant for operators while allowing us to delve deeper into supervisory and managerial issues.

  1. New languages

The language requests keep coming and we are doing our best to keep up! Currently we have 23 full language translations in the new assessment, with our latest additions being Norwegian and Hungarian.

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