What is Culture?

Culture is a shared, learned phenomenon. In business, it is 'the way we do things around here' and it directly and indirectly highlights to people how to fit in, what is acceptable, and how to succeed within their organisation.

In the context of quality and safety, culture represents the ‘prevailing attitudes and practices related to quality and safety that are taught, directly and indirectly, to employees’. In other words, the underpinnings of everything that happens, whether desired or otherwise.

Some elements of culture are easy to observe, such as the facilities, posters and paperwork, and the visible behaviours of staff. However, some are harder to see, such as underlying values, unspoken rules, and the way things are done when no-one is looking. And this is where we come in. While traditional audit and inspection can provide an important physical inspection, we provide insight into the less visible but incredibly important layers beneath the surface.

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