Assessing Quality Culture

Having a strong quality culture is what differentiates a company who excels from one that fails, even when things on the surface seem equal. It is what protects a company from incidents and scandals, especially when times are tough.

Our quality culture assessment highlights key areas of risk that may exist and demonstrates where they are hiding, allowing focused action plans and meaningful, measurable continual improvement. It also shows strengths and highlights key areas to celebrate.

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What is Quality?

Quality is a multi-faceted concept. It includes everything from a lack of defaults and errors to the consistency and efficiency of standards, running effective quality management systems, and meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

Our assessment includes all of these features, and demonstrates whether a balance has been attained or some are weaker than others.

ISO 9001: 2015

The latest  version of quality management standard ISO 9001 provides a update on the core features of quality, including risk-based thinking and efficient process management.

The great news for companies certified to ISO 9001 is that our culture assessment helps to demonstrate several key components of the standard, helping them to successfully maintain their certification.


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