The Culture Excellence Program is a unique solution for the measurement, analysis and improvement of organisational culture.

The measurement of culture has, until now, been very difficult to achieve. Some artifacts of culture can be seen, such as facilities, documentation and visible behaviours.

But many aspects are not visible and lie below the surface, such as unspoken rules, values, perceptions and priorities. This makes the assessment of culture very challenging.

Culture Excellence has been developed to meet the challenge of accurately measuring culture. It is grounded in more than 15 years of academic research at the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Salford and extensive industry validation and implementation.

Launched in 2014, Culture Excellence now has a global community of users. The assessment is provided by TSI in partnership with international industry leaders:

The Culture Excellence assessment is based on the following structure:

All components are assessed, resulting in more than 200 individually scored data points.

Data is reported on a dedicated online analytics Platform, as shown below.

The Culture Excellence Platform provides an extensive range of data views and reports. To access a demonstration account of the Platform, please access: Username: Demo Password: Demo


20 different reports are provided on the Platform, including the following examples:

Extensive additional support is provided after the assessment, including:

For companies and sites certified to the BRC Global Standards Food Safety scheme, the Culture Excellence assessment can be received as a BRC Additional Voluntary Module (AVM).

This is delivered alongside the BRC Food Safety audit, and in addition to the culture data gathered from the site(s), the BRC Module includes insight from the auditor after the on-site BRC audit.

The BRC Module provides the core scoring (total, Category and Dimension scores).

Sites can upgrade to access the full Culture Excellence Program (as described on previous pages).